Cobb Redline intake for the 2015-2021 Subaru WRX FA20DIT (742100) INSTALLED!

Posted by Arthur Tuning on 2022 May 3rd

Cobb Redline intake for the 2015-2021 Subaru WRX FA20DIT (742100) INSTALLED!

We are very excited to get our hands on this brand new intake from Cobb Tuning. They have been working on this for a very long time and it shows.

The intake air box is made from 100% carbon fiber with a twill weave pattern. And all of that is topped off with a PPG clearcoat to make it shine and protect it from fading. We can even take that a step further when you have yours installed here at the shop and ceramic coat it with CeramicPro.

The intake features a reusable cone filter that can be removed in a few short seconds when it comes time to clean, and the best part is the only tool you need to do that are your own two hands. They made this intake very user friendly.  That filter is covered by an elegant billet aluminum lid that has been powdercoated and machined perfectly to fit the recess of the box.  All of these great looks mean nothing without a performance though but of course, cobb has that covered.

On Cobbs dyno, they compared a stock intake to the new Redline intake and from 3500rpms the saw improvements in horsepower for the entire pull, all the way to redline. And this isnt just a fluke at one point on the dyno graph, this intake has significant power gains under the curve, all the way through. 

More power is always great but consistency is also important, and Cobb designed this airbox in such a way to drastically cut down on the air turbulence that plauges other intakes and drives yours local Protuner (aka us) crazy. This design reduces the need for fuel trims to compensate for erratic airflow behavior resulting in a more stable tune wherter its custom or one of Cobbs great OTS maps.

This is a part we intend to keep in stock at all times. You can purchase it here : Cobb Redline Intake 2015-2021 WRX

and if you would like to see some more info on this intake, we invite you to check out this high quality video from COBB 

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