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R/T Tuning - Mustang AWD MD500XL Dyno
Mustang Dyno MD500XL
AWD Chassis Dyno
Our AWD Dyno is MD500XL Mustang Dyno, like our DynoJet has also seen thousands of pulls and hours of tuning. Mustang Dyno was one of the first companies to offer an AWD configuration with a true linked design to keep vehicles with sensitive AWD systems from throwing errors during testing. Our Mustang dyno is inside a state of the art, climate-controlled dyno cell that helps ensure repeatable consistent results. Also, the fully fire suppressed, sound controlled, and fume-controlled dyno cell provides a safe environment for both the vehicle and tuner and allows for a better overall tune by doing so. Alongside the cell is a safe viewing area where the customers can watch the final runs of the tuning session.
Mustang MD500XL AWD Dyno
In-House AWD Mustang Dyno
All Wheel Drive
Gains you can trust.
Some of the reasons mentioned above is why our Mustang Dyno is the go-to for automotive companies who need product testing done. Have you ever used CRC Industries Mass Air Flow Cleaner? Ever check the back of that can? Next time you do, read the back, and you will find that the horsepower gain claims they make on the front of the can were tested and verified on our dyno. We have worked with several well-known companies in the automotive industry for research and development purposes such as: Dorman Products, CRC Industries, Mishimoto, and more.
Mustang AWD Dyno Rates:
All Wheel Drive Tuning (includes wide band oxygen sensor use & print out)
$295 per hour
Dyno Rental for Individuals, Car Clubs, or Companies
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